Incredible thought leadership…

Jennifer Cromarty, Committee for Geelong, shares her most significant change story as part of the review of the Start-Up Phase of GROW.


What is a Most Significant Change story?

The Most Significant Change (MSC) technique is a form of monitoring and evaluation that involves the collection of significant change stories across the GROW collective. This MSC story was collected as part of the GROW Review, where a total of 35 stories were collected. Participants at a Summit Workshop in February 2019 were asked to select the story that had the most significant for them. This story was selected by participants at the Summit workshop because:

“We liked how the story identified the issue and that a local, innovative solution was developed without Government. GROW then convinced the community and Government to support leading to the GROW model being used elsewhere. They story highlights thought leadership, innovation, local solutions and advocacy to change policy.”