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GROW – Growing Regional Opportunities for Work

GROW is an initiative built on the collective impact model, we bring together individuals, community organisations, businesses, and government to address entrenched disadvantage through employment.

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Opportunities for regional growth and prosperity

GROW G21 is made up of businesses, government and community organisations working together to change the outlook for areas of high unemployment in the G21 region, including Norlane, Corio, Whittington and parts of Colac.

The joint efforts of the GROW G21 network will enable us to grow a stronger G21 economy with the main goal to create more job opportunities for long term job seekers who are missing out because of lack of support, networks, training, transport and experience, and who face individual and systemic barriers to employment.

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GROW aims to change the way we buy and employ locally, to support local businesses and help create equitable and sustainable jobs.

There are four ways we can do this:

  • Spend Local (buy from local businesses to help the local economy and create jobs)
  • Spend Social (buy from businesses who employ from GROW communities, social enterprises and Indigenous businesses)
  • Be Inclusive (create safe and supportive workplaces, offer pathways and employment opportunities)
  • Advocate and Collaborate (join with the GROW Network for region wide change)

How does GROW work?

  • Working with employment services, training organisations and community organisations, to support job seekers facing individual
    and systemic barriers to employment
  • Working with employers to assess and improve their inclusive employment practices
  • Working with businesses to maximise social procurement outcomes by assessing expenditure and enabling opportunities to direct spend towards social and local suppliers
  • Advocating and working with GROW Signatories, stakeholders and Government to drive systemic change
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