Good news story – Gleaming Genies Cleaning Service

Jodi Woods, Owner of Gleaming Genies Cleaning Service has provided this story relating to Spend Local, Spend Social.

Please provide a brief background and some context:

We’re a Geelong based cleaning business specialising with both commercial, industrial and domestic clients. We joined GROW a few years ago because I was impressed by their values and their objectives of giving everyone a fair go. The majority of my employees come from the northern suburbs and therefore it was an ideal fit.

What steps did you take to make a change?

Signing the GROW Compact had immediate positive results for Gleaming Genies by giving me the opportunity to obtain new work through their local procurement initiatives.

For example, James Dean from Plan Group Geelong found us through the GROW website register of participating local businesses. James later advised that GROW was often a first point of contact for Plan Group Geelong for the procurement of local sub-contractors. GROW then made the introduction and the rest is history. We started with three of their sites and that has since grown to eleven sites in the G21 region. I think this shows the success of not only Plan Group Geelong but also the GROW initiative.

‘Some sites we clean twice a day adhering to the code of protocols expected as a result of COVID,’ says Jodi, ‘Our job is vital to assist Plan Group Geelong to remain COVID free.’

James agrees, ‘We’re extremely happy with the work Jodi and her team are undertaking,’ Jodi excels at servicing her clients, she’s responsive and committed to ensuring our sites are clean and safeguarded.’

What was different after the change?

Being able to work with an experienced and highly respected company such as Plan Group Geelong gave me the confidence to consider other large commercial and industrial contracts. Since that time, I have successfully formed relationships with other large organisations undertaking work in Geelong, all of which directly benefits GROW’s inclusion initiative.

What was the outcome?

Because of GROW James knew that we employ people with barriers to employment eg disability or long term unemployed and that meant that Plan Group Geelong by doing business with us is meeting the commitment they made to GROW to support businesses who employ from target communities. With more work Gleaming Genies is in a position to employ more staff including people with barriers to employment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Photo is: Jodi Woods from Gleaming Genies Cleaning Service

27th Sept 2021