2018 Highlights

2018 was another big year for GROW, including:

1. Research – hearing from job seekers and compiling Data Snapshots of the region
2. New Funding – $750 k from Victorian State Government extending the GROW initiative to 2022
3. Expansion – Four new regions commencing GROW initiative, funded by Victorian State Govt
4. Milestone – 100 GROW Compact Signatories in G21 Region, Geelong Port our number 100
5. New GROW portal – Compact Action Plans and organisational dashboards for signatories to access online
6. Startup phase review – currently underway, to establish directions for the next phase of GROW
7. Achievements – collectively, over 2 years, GROW signatories have contributed $44.09m into the region and created 154 new jobs and pathways for our target communities.

Thank you to all our GROW signatories for their amazing contributions.

What will GROW – including all our signatories and partners – achieve in 2019?!

Seasons wishes to all, from the GROW backbone team at Give Where You Live Foundation.