BTS inspiring change

As a reasonably small business, with a strong vision and focus on supporting the local community, BTS-Business Technology Specialists joined GROW knowing their commitment aligned strongly with GROW principles. However, on providing expenditure data to GROW and receiving their individual dashboard, Stan Corner (CEO) was surprised to find how much  leakage of spend had occurred to businesses out of the G21 region. Had it not been for GROW capturing and reporting data, this would have gone unnoticed.

As a result BTS have become much more purposeful and targeted. Their new policy and procedures includes key categories for assessing preferred suppliers, that prioritise local and GROW as follows

  1. Supplier is locally owned and operated, and is a GROW Compact Signatory
  2. Supplier is locally owned and operated, but is not yet a GROW Compact Signatory
  3. Supplier has local presence and is a GROW Compact Signatory
  4. Supplier has a local presence
  5. Suppliers that provide products and service not available from within the G21 region

Even as a small business, Stan has sought to identify where BTS can contribute and influence. In developing their Compact Action Plan, BTS identified six priorities to focus on initially:

  • Ensuring a written procurement policy is embedded into the organisation.
  • Influence suppliers and clients to join GROW and make commitments to local and social procurement (includes talking to clients about what impact they are making towards the local community).
  • Including the GROW logo on BTS collateral to help get the discussion going with partners and stakeholders.
  • Sponsoring four high school students from 3214 to attend the G21 Forum, and more to attend the upcoming Pivot Summit.
  • Developing a longer term opportunity for work experience.

Stan told the recent Compact Action Network, “Through all our work we are seeing that we can create deeper impact through influencing and working with others, and how making minor changes to purchasing can contribute towards larger impact within our region.”