Colac Demand-led Employment Project

Colac job seekers will benefit from recently-announced state government funding to deliver the Colac Demand-led Employment Project. Give Where You Live Foundation CEO, Bill Mithen, said the funds would enable Colac job seekers to better access employment opportunities in the town, through tailored support and training designed to meet specific employer needs.

“The $620,000 Jobs Victoria funds for Colac will be the difference needed to ensure employers and job seekers are adequately supported over time, resulting in better job retention and ongoing benefits to the whole community,” Mr Mithen said.

The funding under the State Government’s Jobs Victoria will deliver a demand-led employment project in Colac, which has been developed with a range of local Colac agencies, business and government in response to local industry requests for assistance.

The Colac Demand-led Employment Project will support local people into local long term, sustainable jobs over the next four years through collaboration between employers, local, state and federal governments, JobActive agencies, Social Ventures Australia, local community services and training organisations.

The Colac Demand-led Employment Project is now in the process of appointing the full-time Colac Project Coordinator.

Jobs Victoria will help more than 4,000 disadvantaged Victorians find work and keep it. Helping people find work is about giving them a future, a sense of dignity and a chance to make a meaningful contribution to society.