$750,000 State Government boost to GROW in G21 Region

Christine Couzens MP, Member for Geelong, on behalf of the Victorian State Government, announced the Give Where You Live Foundation will receive a further $750,000 towards the implementation of GROW within the G21 region on Friday May 18, 2018

The State Government also announced it would fund projects replicating the successful GROW initiative in both Ballarat and Gippsland, with other city centres to follow.

The principle of GROW is to encourage enterprises to strategically buy and employ locally, and in doing so specifically create opportunities for work for disadvantaged communities.  This is GROW Social Procurement.

Bill Mithen, Give Where You Live Foundation CEO welcomed the announcement of funding to help secure GROW’s work within the G21 region.

Some 82 businesses and other organisations have signed the GROW compact, committing to procure and employ locally wherever practical.

Collectively, for every $1 million spent locally, about 8.84 new jobs can potentially be created.  And there are obvious commercial benefits for those companies agreeing to procure locally wherever possible.”

Elaine Carbines, G21 – Geelong Region Alliance CEO said addressing long-term entrenched disadvantage was in many ways about cultural change and collective action.

GROW signatories are identifying and developing innovative opportunities to drive meaningful transformation in people’s lives, their own organisations and the broader economy. These plans are a catalyst for change in disadvantaged communities.”

This new funding is in addition to the State Government’s contribution of $1million for the first five years, and $100,000 to help develop the original GROW Strategic Plan. Give Where You Live Foundation committed $2 million as well as ongoing operational support and in-kind contributions over 10 years, while G21 provided $30,000, plus an ongoing in-kind contribution.