2018 GROW report card #2

On May 3, around 100 GROW partners and signatories attended the 2018 GROW Report Card Event at Eastern Hub.

Highlights reported at the event include:

  • GROW now has 82 signatories, 46 with action plans underway, most committing to offer employment opportunities or shift to local spend
  • In 2016/17 GROW signatories reported a shift in local spend of $20.21m (leading to 178.8 jobs potentially created in the region)
  • In 2017 GROW signatories created 75 jobs and 7 employment pathways in Norlane/Corio, Whittington and Colac

For those who missed the event, or would like a recap, we have compiled a short film:

For more information check out the brochure here or our new Dashboard by clicking on ‘Track our progress’ here