Responding to GROW tenders

How do suppliers (and sub-contractors) respond to a tender or contract asking about GROW?

Option 1: Recruit job seekers from GROW target communities*


  • Recruit new staff using GROW partner employment services (refer to list)
  • Consider offering internships, traineeships or apprenticeships through GROW partners and programs (refer to list)
  • Offer opportunities to job seekers from GROW target communities through normal recruitment processes
  • Become a GROW signatory (refer to link) to report on your employees from GROW target communities, and be an inclusive employer**

Option 2:  Buy from, or contract with, suppliers who recruit job seekers from GROW target communities*


  • Use GROW signatories who employ from GROW target communities (refer to list) in your supply chain
  • Develop partnerships with GROW signatories (see above) or social enterprises (refer to list) who can deliver parts of the tender
  • Localised (refer to link) will help find suppliers and sub-contractors who are located in GROW target communities*
  • Consider GROW partner Labour Hire (contact GROW)

Option 3:  Sign the GROW Compact (link) to support the shared growth of the G21 Region, and report on your purchasing from local businesses – building the economy and creating local jobs.

*GROW target communities are Norlane and Corio (postcode 3214), Whittington (postcode 3219) and parts of Colac (postcode 3250). Refer list of G21 Region postcodes here.

**Inclusive employers are organisations who have a local, diverse and supportive workplace, as required by the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework and Local Jobs First. To find out more, refer here.